GPU Acceleration for ANSYS Mechanical 14.5 with GTX 750 Ti

Hi everyone!

I bought an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 750Ti OC 4Gb (GV-N75TWF2OC-4GI)
CPU i52500K / 8gb ram

I use Ansys Mechanical 14.5 for my theses and I was sure that my new GPU would automatically perform and help my CPU for large ansys models with its cuda proccesors but no. My ansys licence is HPC*** and HPC I saw, I 'm not sure neither for that but I know I need HCP Lisence for gpu accelaration / high performance computing!
After searching nvidia cuda, I downloaded CUDA 8.0, then visual studio 15 & 17 and my pc is a mess!
I’m not good at programming, only a little qbasic, fortran and apdl for engineering education.
Is there any easy solution, or a step by step help for completely dummies?
If possible without programming just enable gpu libraries? I don’t know! Please help!
. First time in a forum, sorry for my english!!!