gpu clock frequency changed


I am facing a small problem and I thought your idea or suggestion will help in fixing it.

I was running some of my earlier examples on the new GTX 280 board and after few simulations the performance was found to drop considerably.

I checked the gpu’s core frequency using the Riva Tuner and also using the
nvidia Monitor. The results are same and suggests that the clock frequency
has changed.

The Riva tuner reports the following info:

$ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
$ffffffffff NVIDIA specific display adapter information
$ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
$0100000000 Graphics core : G100/GT200 revision A2 (240sp)
$0100000001 Hardwired ID : 05e1 (ROM strapped to 05e1)
$0100000002 Memory bus : 512-bit
$0100000003 Memory type : DDR3 (RAM configuration 00)
$0100000004 Memory amount : 1048576KB
$0100000100 Core clock domain 0 : 300.856MHz
$0100000101 Core clock domain 1 : 100.000MHz
$0100000006 Memory clock : 100.000MHz (200.000MHz effective)
$0100000007 Reference clock : 27.000MHz

The Nvidia Monitor reports the
Bus Speeds
GPU (core 3D) = 300.00 Mhz
GPU Memory = 100.00 Mhz

Can someone point to me why there is a change in the clock frequency of the GPU’s core and memory ?

And how to change them to the original value supported by Nvidia ?

Thanks a lot…

Which “Nvidia Monitor” are you referring to?
Which driver are you using?
Do you have a reliable means of reproducing this behavior ?

The tool is called NVIDIA MonitorView. The tool comes along with the Toolkit/Driver. The tool reports the Performance, Bus Speed, and Temperature of GPU and CPU.

Currently I am not able to reliably reproduce it. I got it only one time and if it happens consistently then I can report back.

I was using GeForce Release 177 Version: 177.41 WHQL.

First I tried to reboot the machine two, three times to see if the GPU will switch back to the default clock freq. But it did’nt change the frequency.

So I updated the driver to 177.84 and now the core clock frequency is 600 Mhz and memory clock frequency is 1.1Ghz.