GPU stopped displaying HDMI output

I have no idea how to run a crash report I am new to Ubuntu it’s running latest Ubuntu 22.04

Short story: I was mining on my gpu yes I know bad idea probally fried it.

Came home from work it was still mining updating to the pool server however no display output before I left for work it was displaying output.

Short story continues:
GPU has shown signal once in a million try’s I didn’t make past the Ubuntu splash screen I had to clear cmos battery reseat ram etc and this has only happened once I haven’t been able to ever get it back

So to keep it even more short the onboard mother board graphics chip displays output to hdmi so I hit enable in the bios to tell mother board to use onboard graphics

without my gpu plugged in cause all that does is spin the fans for a few seconds on boot no signal output then kills the fans and switching to onboard after gpu fans stop does nothing

So once I’ve unplugged gpu enabled onboard graphics plug gpu back into pcie slot

The computer boots fine I can see the NVIDIA driver in terminal and I can even tell my crypto miner miniz to start mining and it starts using my NVIDIA GPU the gpu is not fried if the miner and Ubuntu can detect it So how can I fix it

Please guide me with steps to run the NVIDIA crash report or bug report or whatever so someone can please help me

(Update have now included bug report)

nvidia-bug-report.log (2.2 MB)