GPU Technology Conference September 30 to October 2, 2009 in San Jose

The GPU Technology Conference, taking place September 30 to October 2 in San Jose, California, will focus on the latest breakthroughs developers, engineers, and researchers are achieving through the use of the GPU to solve the world’s most important computing challenges. Attendees will

    Learn about the seismic shifts happening in computing.

    Preview disruptive technologies to stay ahead of imminent trends.

    Get tools and techniques to impact mission critical-projects now.

    Network with experts and peers from across a broad range of fields.

For more info and call for submissions, see the event web site at


$350 discount if you do it before 8/1. So you have a couple days only…

Don’t forget! (I almost forgot myself…)

I’ll be attending the first day.

If we’re using this thread to signal out attendency, ill be there!
Hopefuly presenting results in radiotherapy dose calculations during the poster session.

Im not sure which round tables and such ill be attending. Is there a Monte Carlo one happening?

I’ll probably be around…

If you forgot to register before August 1, we have a 10% off code for forum members interested in attending: FC200CU10

thanks for these beautifull conference as for the organisation as for the takls quality!

Where can we found the talk slide of the conference?


Is there a way to download the recording of the keynote sessions?

FYI, a lot of the keynote presentations are now available to download here:

where do we can find the other presentation (no general session)?

it is interessant to have in pdf to off-line consultation and to cross with our notes.