GPUDirect Storage: gds_stats returns "No such file or directory"

For an unknown reason I can’t use gds_stats. I copied the whole gds folder from /usr/local/cuda/gds to my home folder under ~/cuda/gds/. From my home gds folder I executed gdsio as a background job and subsequently gds_stats with the previously returned process ID. However, gds_stats complains about “No such file or directory” though I’m really confused which file the tool means?

Can you please guide me on how to use gds_stats? Attached is a TXT file with the history of command executions. A detailed description of my setup can be found in the thread GDS performance not as expected - #5 by k.bodi2.

gds_stats.txt (2.5 KB)

I would appreciate any help or hints on what to look for

Looks like you are passing the PID of the sudo. look for the PID of the gdsio process forked by sudo.

Yes, you were right. I used chmod on gds_dir/ to allow access without sudo and was running gdsio without sudo and subsequently it was running. However, I do not fully understand why running sudo ./gds_stats won’t work even if I checked the child process PID of the just executed sudo command.

can you share the commands and PIDS of the command as reported by

ps axf | grep gdsio.

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