Grid K1 - VM - Citrix XenDesktop 7.14 - MulitMonitor Issue

Hello together,

i have several VMs with GPU Profile K140Q Power User 1024 2 2560×1600

I am running 2 Displays with 1280 x 1024

If i want to change the Primary display (so that taskbar etc. is on the other monitor)
it does not work.

If i click "set primary" (Windows Control panel or nvidia control panel) i got the message similar to:
Your Desktop Configuration changed - do you want to keep these changes ?

I CANNOT CLICK cause the mouse moves back to the side of the monitor. It is not possible to set these settings…

Any ideas ???


what endpoint are you using? What happens if you change the primary display on your local client?



we are using XenDesktop with Windows 7 64bit
with ESXi 6.5

Switching the primary on my client did not change anything.
I cannot "accept" the new settings, cause the mouse doeas not want to.


and what is your endpoint? Thinclient or Fatclient? Linux/Windows?



Fat Client at this moment, thin client not tested.
Windows 7 64