GRID Update Announced today

What has been announced?

The new simplified product offering allows organizations to deliver the right level of experience for each
use case. The three products are as follows:

  • NVIDIA GRID Virtual Applications: For organizations deploying XenApp or other RDSH solutions. Designed for PC level applications and server based desktops.
  • NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC: For users who want a virtual desktop but need great user experience leveraging PC Windows applications, browsers and high definition video.
  • NVIDIA GRID Virtual Workstation: Targeted at users who want to be able to use remote professional graphics applications with full performance on any device, anywhere. All of the features previously in Virtual Workstation Extended are now available in Virtual Workstation.

A new annual subscription model for GRID will be available in addition to the perpetual license + SUMs
model that exists today. This gives customers the flexibility to choose how they want to purchase the
NVIDIA GRID products.

  • Annual subscription: provides software entitlement, support, updates, maintenance for 1 year. Customers can purchase 3 years upfront if they prefer.
  • Perpetual license + SUMS: allows for use of the licensed software indefinitely. First year of SUMS required with purchase for access to support, updates, and maintenance. Additional years of SUMS must be purchased in order to continue to receive access to support, updates and maintenance.

What will it cost?

Based on feedback from customers and partners, and after a thorough review the pricing for all editions has been reset.
Specific pricing detail is available from your preferred Nvidia partner / Distributor or OEM. There are options for 3 year purchases and also Educational discounts.

Updated GRID Datasheet:

When is this new model available?

What happened to Virtual Workstation Extended?
Based on feedback and changing customer requirements it has been collapsed into the single Virtual Workstation edition.

Can I run RDSH desktops with a GRID Virtual Applications license?
Yes, Hosted Shared Desktops on XenApp are supported using the GRID Virtual Applications license.

What RDSH solutions does this work with?
GRID Virtual Applications is suited for any RDSH hosting solution including XenApp, Horizon Apps, etc.,
including session based desktops.

How are vSGA and RemoteFX licensed?
All Virtual Desktop solutions, including vSGA or Remote FX, require a Virtual PC license. This is the same
as behaviour as GRID 2.0.

If I have GRID 2.0 licenses can I usethis new release?
Yes, if you are under a current SUMS agreement. The latest code is available to download by all eligible customers and partners from the licensing portal today.