GTX 1070M - 381.22 - Gentoo 64 bit - Plasma 5 - Performance Tuning Tips?

On my Clevo P750DM2-G laptop, (i7700K CPU / GTX 1070 mobile GPU), I’ve installed Gentoo 64 bit with the KDE Plasma 5 DE, and the current nVidia linux driver 381.22. My glmark2 score is 15580. I’d like to tune the system optimally for the GPU, and I’m just looking for any performance tuning suggestions that still apply to the more recent systems/drivers. I do notice some performance sluggishness along with some video stuttering, most noticeably when playing videos from Youtube.

I’ve tried most suggestions found in various posts both here, and on other Linux forums. In my Gentoo system I have my vdpau and nvidia USE flags set, and I changed my KDE Desktop Compositor backend to OpenGL 3.1, from OpenGL 2.0, and my QT Graphics System from raster, to opengl. I use the default nvidia-settings settings, except for changing the PowerMizer settings to “Prefer Maximum Performance”, (BTW is there a way to do that on startup, or is it not recommended?). I’ve also got nvidia persistence enabled.

Gentoo has an nVidia wiki page here, and the only suggested solution for video stuttering is;

“Disable the Intel CPU idling method using intel_idle.max_cstate=0 on the kernel command line”

which didn’t appear to change anything, so I removed it. I also wondered whether I should set the NvAGP mode to use the nVidia mode first, but since I didn’t see my laptop’s chipset in the supported list in the nVidia documentation, I also left that alone.

If anyone has any additional Linux performance tuning solutions that works, please feel free to respond to the thread. (A list of current working tuning tips might make a good sticky)

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (122 KB)