GTX 1650 mobile Fedora 33

Hello everyone. I just bought an acer nitro 5 with a gtx 1650 (notebook) to perform some local NN training and testing. It happens that fedora 33 has easy driver instalation, namely 455.38, but this driver does not support my GPU and i just cant install previous versions manually. I tried following the dependencies needed by but it has become overwhelmingly difficult to follow… Do you have any suggestions as to how i could install the driver? Does Nvidia plan on releasing new drivers supporting GTX 1650 mobile for linux distros ? Thanks.

You card is supported by the 455.38 driver according to nvidia website, there is no reason to get back to 435.21.
If for some reason, you need another older driver to support your card, it’s more likely that the driver is from the 390xx serie.