Has NVIDIA given up on CloudXR (Unity Plugin)?

We feel there is a pattern in the forums where Unity Plugin related questions remain unanswered for weeks while others get the usual infrequent updates from NVIDIA.

To move forward as a company and plan our steps we need to know if NVIDIA is actually going forward with the CloudXR plugin for Unity or if it will stay in this form as it is. I am not sure if the responsible people see this, but the CloudXR Unity Plugin is not working.

While this is ok for a beta, the lack of responses from NVIDIA in this forum do not really give great confidence that this will change.

As business and technology partners, a quick statement on the status and roadmap of the plugin would be more than fair and a sign of respect.



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Hi, we hear you and continue to listen. In the short month since the Beta has been available, the plugin has become the desired method to build CloudXR clients. The result has actually done the opposite; its elevated the Plugin plans as we go into 2024. That said, beta isn’t perfect, and we continue to work on it.

Regarding troubleshooting, I’ll provide some insight into the process. The integration in Unity is at a very deep level. The plugin also has performance dependencies on the Core Server SDK --which are unique. Troubleshooting may take longer than most Unity apps that don’t use client/server architectures. As we continue to investigate, we’ll do our best to provide validated and updated information as it becomes available.

Until then, continued feedback --positive or otherwise – helps and is appreciated. The plugin was created because of developer feedback and where it grows in the future will be because of it.

Thank you @wcannady for the response, this sounds like great news. We’ll happily contribute more feedback and testing if we feel seen and heard. It’s been a long wait since 2021 and CXR 3.1.

Have a good weekend