HDR support for camera


I want to adjust the exposure range of nvmanualcamerasrc, I was able to modify the default range, build the library succesfully and capture image with wider range using this source

However, It does not work anymore on the Jetpack 5.1 version (my old Jetpack is 4.6.1). Do you have any recommendations?

hello user101907,

this is fork of Argus camera source, which is not maintain by NVIDIA.
may I know… what’s the actual use-case of wider exposure range? which camera module you’re used?

Hi JerryChang,

Thank you,
I use Framos IMX678 module.

The camera is put inside a room so sometime in poor lightning condition, I want to increase the light by increasing the exposure range. But sometime, I want to limit the upper range of the exposure because the image is too bright.

In summary, I want to adjust the exposure range in a flexible way as I want.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

hello user101907,

you may revise your pipeline for setting exposuretimerange for nvarguscamerasrc plugin.
it’s able to configure exposure time range in (low, high) with string, for example, exposuretimerange="34000 358733000"

there’s an alternative ways, you may try running with argus_camera application. there’s UI for setting camera controls, and it’ll present to camera preview frames dynamically.

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