Hello World Jupyter Example Fails - "Kernel appears to have died"

Hi, I’m going through the tutorials, and I’m stuck on the Jupyter notebook example here I opened up the example and ran the first cell as shown in the tutorial. When I turn on Isaac Sim to try the “live sync” option, the Jupyter kernel dies, and the live sync “cloud” icon is not there in the Layer tab. Running the cell again in the restarted kernel causes the Isaac Sim window to close. How would I go about debugging this?

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04, GPU is an RTX 3070. Thanks!



I’m experiencing the same issue.

Notebook output shows “Simulation App Startup Complete” after running the first cell. Then launching Isaac Sim in either default or headless mode without any further action triggered the Jupyter kernel to restart immediately after printing “app started” in the app terminal, and the Jupyter terminal shows:
[I 21:26:22.338 NotebookApp] KernelRestarter: restarting kernel (1/5), keep random ports

Running the first cell again kills the window started by the launcher. Cannot proceed with the Jupyter notebook workflow.

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 and RTX2060 Super.