Help me about "Launch timeout error" Launch timeout error

The 5 seconds of kernel launch time limitation is making cuda development very inconvenient.

Don’t you find this problem?

I just can’t understand why a kernel launch must have limitation time for launch?

How do you resolve this error?

so difficult?

help me, help me!!! :"> :">

I look forward to an early reply. :whistling:


Either break up your compute workload into a series of smaller stages which can be run as a sequence of short running kernels, or use a dedicated CUDA GPU which isn’t running a display, which completely removes the display driver 5 second limitation.

Thank for your advice.
Don’t you know other way?

There is no other realistic way. The display driver watchdog exists for a very valid reason - the display manager on whatever operating system you are running is expecting to have regular, unfettered access to the video hardware to perform display updates. If it doesn’t, at a minimum, the display will be completely frozen and the machine unusable while the kernel is running. In a worst case scenario, the display manager is very likely to crash, and take the rest of the machine with it. Neither is particularly satisfactory.