help on cuda+matlab


i use this given by mfatica ( on my winXPsp3 (32bit). I use CUDA 2.0beta on 8800GTX.

I followed Matlab_CUDA_1.1\Readme.txt smoothly until this line:

so i modified Szeta to have absolute path for mex.h, but met another error:

so i added #pragma comment(lib,… but error repeats.

The 2 related paths are: E:\Codes\GWBmat\Matlab_CUDA-1.1a\Matlab_CUDA_1.1, and E:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2008a\bin. I can run >> speed_fft in matlab to get 4x speedup of cuda over native matlab on 2D FFT.]

Would someone kindly help me out of this hardship? Thanks a lot!