Helps needed on unofficial assembler for turing~

I’m working on an unofficial assembler CuAssembler(@github, in python), for turing instruction set, like maxas developed by Scott Gray. You can read through the introduction therein to get basic idea on how it works. Currently the assembler part is almost done and workable, but I want to embed it into python, at least work like pycuda.

The ironic thing is, currently I’m looking for a new job, and I don’t have a turing card at home, hence I can’t run the code… Thus I’m looking for some one who can help testing the code. Besides, there are still many works to be done for this tool, it barely works now, so it will be nice if some guys skilled in python and sass could join me~

Don’t know whether it’s appropriate to post it here… Tell me if it’s not.
Simply want to provide an option for those ninja guys who want to optimize codes down to every instruction~