Hi~All generalists, I want to ask about cufft problems

You master, I wants to will you about, is I now research Cuda Fourier leaves transform, that I wants to asked you about is I reference has official website of article, so I playing has some program code, but in implementation Shi occurs has some problem, let I has is puzzle is, dang I wants to implementation1*6matrix Fourier leaves transform Shi, first a let I think puzzle of local:is Dang I write completed program Shi, it results appears b[0]=21 b[1]=-3 b[2]=-3 b[3]=-3 b[4]=0 b[5]=0 and not b[0]=21 b[1]=-3 b[2]=-3 b[3]=-3 b[4]=-3 b[5]=-3 . Second:I want to ask, is why I write well, but I only appear real rather than complex?

No one has a clue what you are trying to say; please ask someone with better english to help you rewrite the question.