How about the performance of cufft?

I do FFT operation on matrix size 6400*80, The program runs for about 700ms. is it normal?
here is my code:

void do_fft_r2c(const int rows, const int cols, cufftReal* idata, cufftComplex* odata)
    cufftHandle plan;
    int rank = 1;
    int n[1] ={cols};
    int istride = 1;
    int idist = cols;
    int ostride =1;
    int odist = cols;
    int inembed[2] = {cols, rows};
    int onembed[2] = {cols, rows};
    cufftPlanMany(&plan, rank, n, 
                    inembed, istride, idist, 
                    onembed, ostride, odist, 
                    CUFFT_R2C, rows);

    cufftExecR2C(plan, idata, odata);


Creating the plan takes a long time. Please measure the time of execution separately.

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