How Can I Control Smart Devices with Jetson Nano using Gesture Classification?

I am working on a small project where I classify gestures using the Jetson Nano and then the output from that model essentially transmits a command to another device - like a roomba or a smart tv, for example- by wireless communication(can be wifi or bluetooth, whichever is easier and more effective).
I was wondering how I can do this? Are there any specific libraries or APIs that allow us to make this work and are there any examples of people doing this with Python or with Jetson Nano?

In DeepStream SDK, We have implementation to send result of deep learning inference to back end server. Please check
DeepStream Reference Application - deepstream-test5 app — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation

You can install the packages through SDKManager or apt get install command. After the installation, it is in

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I see, and can deepstream be used to communicate with standard devices like a smart TV or can it only be used to communicate with other linux based computers like the Raspberry Pi? Sorry for the newbie questions, I am sort of new to some of this

Hi @siftikh1

This link might help you about bluetooth connection.

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Thanks for that. I was wondering if there is any library you’re familiar with that allows me to use bluetooth to transmit python commands/functions to a separate smart device.

Hi @siftikh1

“pyluez” library might help you. Unfortunately, we did not use them before so I could not help you much.

Here is the example which scans bluetooth devices and shows them.

Hope it helps.

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Hi, thanks a lot. I’ll check them out!