How can I do collision detection with Issac Gym

I am loading three different assent a cube, robot arm and table.

The arm is placed on the table. how can i detect collision between arm with the table? or arm colliding with itself?



We currently support tensor APIs that collect all contact forces on bodies (acquire_net_contact_force_tensor) or you can add force sensors to certain bodies with create_force_sensor. We will be working on a more fine-grained collision detection API that will eventually allow you to retrieve collisions between specific bodies or objects.

Hi, are there any updates regarding this? Getting contacts between specific objects seems like a fundamentally important thing to have…

Would it be possible for you to give an estimate as to when this feature will be added?
Thank you so much!


Would love this feature as well! Any news on this?

Also interested. :) It would also be a great feature.

Also needing this feature!

Any update on this feature?

Hi, is there any news about the fine-grained collision detection API? It is really important to robot learning.

Hi there, improved contact APIs are available in Isaac Sim. Please check out Core [omni.isaac.core] — isaac_sim 2023.1.0-rc.36 documentation.