How can i get

Hi, all.

How can i get file for download?


Some useful background…

JetPack is just a GUI front end to the flash software. SDK Manager is the smart network layer for automatic download, including JetPack.

In recovery mode a Jetson becomes a custom USB device which needs a custom driver. The “driver package” happens to be that custom driver which runs on the host PC, and is also what provides

Which L4T release? Go to that release here:

Find the “driver package”. Download that, and unpack as a regular user. This creates subdirectory “Linux_for_Tegra/”, which contains You should also download the “sample root filesystem”, and unpack it with sudo inside of “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/”, and then from Linux_for_Tegra/, run “sudo ./”. This completes setup to flash on command line with

Or just tell JetPack/SDK Manager to download the content.

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