How Can I setup Easyocr on Jetson Nano with pycharm

Hi everyone. I new member in this forum. Can I ask a question for jetson nano ? I setup pycharm 2022.3 and I want to try setup with pip Easyocr but have more problem I think.


It looks like you are using python 3.11.

The default python version for Nano is python 3.6 (Ubuntu 18.04).
Could you try if you can install it with python 3.6?



I tried to install but when I look on cmd python version looks like 2.7 and then I look python3 on cmd version 3.6.9 how can I do primary python3 ?

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks

I still need support. currently 3.6.9 version is installed as python3, but easyocr requires 3.7 version and above. I couldn’t solve the problem here. Can you help with this ?

Anyone I need help this topic How can I setup in jetson Nano Easyocr with Pycharm ?


You can manually install python3.7 and the libraries you need.

Or you can check if the below command can also work for your use case:


I solved my problem thanks for supporting.

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