How can I use ncu to get kernel runtime like use "nvprof --print-gpu-trace"

I want to use ncu just like I use nvprof, but too many options make me crazy. Can you provide some instruction options to tell us How can use ncu to get the same data as nvprof

Please use the Nsight Systems command line to get GPU trace information equivalent to nvprof. Nsight Compute command line ncu can be used to collect GPU metric information. Refer the Migrating to Nsight Tools from Visual Profiler and nvprof section in the Profiler users guide.

Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to use Nsigh-computer in CUDA package to get data before, but I failed. I used nsys nvprof in the tool of Nsigh-system to get the same data as nvprof

Please provide more details for the Nsight Compute failures. Also please provide details about your configuration - OS, GPU, Nsight Compute and NVIDIA driver versions.

Also you need to enable access to performance counters in your driver, see, or run the tool as sudo/root.

I mean that the problem has been solved. nsys nvprof provides the same function as nvprof, and I got kernel_runtime. Thank you for your help