How do I find CUDA 5 Registry Key for WiX Installer Condition?

I’m new to programming in general, most recently WiX, and in my installer I need to check to see if the end user’s machine has X prerequisite installed, and then check to see what version they have. In my research, I’ve come to understand that to do this, I should do a RegistrySearch on the Windows Registry…but for what, I don’t know.

When I pull up the registry, there are plenty of things in the Cuda location, and I don’t know which one to check for.

I have successfully made a RegistrySearch for another program in my WiX code, but despite doing the same thing for that as I do for Cuda, I get no success with the Cuda search.

Is there some sort of generic Registry Key that Cuda 5 contains taht I can find somewhere, and if not, what should I look for/take from the Windows Registry to insert into my RegistrySearch in WiX?

Thanks in advance for your responses!


Your best bet is to see if HKLMSOFTWARENVIDIA CorporationGPU Computing ToolkitCUDAvx.yInstallDir exists. If it does, get the location and check that InstallDirin
vcc.exe exists.

Edit: Keep in mind that this key might change in the future. If you go this route, be sure to validate it with RCs/new releases in the future.