How do I get the device to do logarithms?

Hey all,

I am trying to execute a logarithm operation on the device. I know the “log” function I am using is a host function, which is only executable in device emulation mode. Anyone know what the name of the real device function is? And where do I find a list of them?

Thank you muchly

[codebox]device void drawExp(double* draw,int size, double beta){

int i;


	draw[i] =  -log(rand())/beta;



wait, wait… I found the log function. Its the rand() that’s causing the problem. How do I draw a random number in cuda?

Appendix B of the programming guide has what you want.

The natural logarithm in single precision is logf() and the double is log(). I think you will find that rand() is the problem…

:book: Have a look at the CUDA Programming Guide



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