How do I stream data into deepstream-app via rstp?

I am using ffserver with the following config to push video file into stream:

Port 8090 
# bind to all IPs aliased or not 
# max number of simultaneous clients 
MaxClients 1000 
# max bandwidth per-client (kb/s) 
MaxBandwidth 10000 
# Suppress that if you want to launch ffserver as a daemon. 

<Feed feed1.ffm> 
File /tmp/feed1.ffm 
FileMaxSize 5M 

<Stream test.swf>
Feed feed1.ffm
Format swf
VideoCodec flv
VideoFrameRate 15
VideoBufferSize 80000
VideoBitRate 100
VideoQMin 1
VideoQMax 5
VideoSize 352x288
PreRoll 0

I can watch it with ffmpeg like this:

ffplay http://SERVERIP:8090/test.swf

If I replace uri in working deepstream config:


then I get this error:

WARNING from src_elem: No decoder available for type 'application/x-shockwave-flash'.
Debug info: gsturidecodebin.c(921): unknown_type_cb (): /GstPipeline:pipeline/GstBin:multi_src_bin/GstBin:src_sub_bin0/GstURIDecodeBin:src_elem
ERROR from src_elem: Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in.
Debug info: gsturidecodebin.c(988): no_more_pads_full (): /GstPipeline:pipeline/GstBin:multi_src_bin/GstBin:src_sub_bin0/GstURIDecodeBin:src_elem:
no suitable plugins found:
gstdecodebin2.c(4679): gst_decode_bin_expose (): /GstPipeline:pipeline/GstBin:multi_src_bin/GstBin:src_sub_bin0/GstURIDecodeBin:src_elem/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0:
no suitable plugins found:
Missing decoder: application/x-shockwave-flash (application/x-shockwave-flash)

ERROR from source: Internal data stream error.
Debug info: gstbasesrc.c(3055): gst_base_src_loop (): /GstPipeline:pipeline/GstBin:multi_src_bin/GstBin:src_sub_bin0/GstURIDecodeBin:src_elem/GstSoupHTTPSrc:source:
streaming stopped, reason not-linked (-1)
App run failed

how can I fix it?

could you refer this

I don’t see solution for the error there.

Not sure if you can try RTSP

Try to use flvdemux