How much error or tolerance of „cutGetTimerValue“

How much error or tolerance of „cutGetTimerValue“?


I try to use the Cuda-SDK in diploma thesis and I have to measure the time, that my algorithms needs to execute.

For this, I created a Timer and got values by using cutGetTimerValue().

But how much is the error or tolerance of this function?

Thanks for your help

On linux, it uses gettimeofday, which is good to 10 us. On windows, I have no clue. You can read the source code for it yourself in the nvidida cuda sdk. For thesis quality work, you should be averaging many runs with 10’s of seconds to minutes of sampling, no?

Thanks for ur hint!

I know… itis exactly what i tried to do, but without knowing the tolerance of my analyser, i would not get any further… But now I have something to calculate with… :-)