How to analyze data collected by Doca Telemetry Service?

I can run Doca Telemetry Service successfully and explore data in Grafana, according to this guide: NVIDIA DOCA Telemetry Service Guide - NVIDIA Docs

But there is no Grafana Dashboard available to analyze the data collected by DTS.

There are several built-in providers which collect many counters. What are those counters mean though? What’s the definition and how to calculate them to reflect the status of BlueField?

Thanks for your advice~

for the built-in providers:

  • sysfs
  • ethtool
  • tc (traffic control)

What’s the interval for them to collect data?

Hello lq2061100,

This section of the guide Deploying with Grafana Monitoring explains how to view and analyze the DTS data through Grafana.

Please refer to these links for descriptions of the collected counters:

Hope this helps. If you have further inquiries, I would like to request you to submit a support ticket for further troubleshooting. The support ticket can be opened by emailing " ". Please note that an active support contract would be required for the same. For contracts information, please feel free to reach out to our contracts team at " "


Thanks for your reply Bhargavi, this is enough information for me as far as now