How to create a simple XY plot in CUDA?

Hi All,
I am new at CUDA and I currently have a code that as result gives me a series of points that I want to plot in a simple XY graph. Could somebody please indicate to me how to do it?. Is it necessary to include a third party program or library like arrayfire?.

Thank you in advance and best regards!

You would need to use a third party library. CUDA doesn’t do anything directly with graphics or the display, and has no plotting capabilities.

Thank you Robert. Do you have any suggestion about which one to use? I am not going to work with high level graphics just XY plots.

Thank you again.

I have had some success with MathGL download | in the past.

It is a fairly large software package.

I think it uses CMake for building, which also supports Visual C++ on Windows.
Linux platforms are supported too.

I will try it. Thank you very much!.