How to enable multi streams when I use codec to decode multiple videos?

I load 2 videos with the cuda sample “cudaDecodeGL” and use Nsight to see the cuda event detail, and I find that there are two two nvcuvid thread runs and just one stream called “stream1”.

So, is it possilble to active multiple streams to make the two threads have their own stream?

It seems that you are using the older SDK. We would suggest you to move to the SDK 8.1. The samples in video codec sdk 8.1 are re-written and we strongly recommend to refer to those samples.

Have you modified the application to decode multiple bit-streams?

You can have the cuvidMapVideoFrame run on specified Cuda stream by using CUVIDPROCPARAMS:: output_stream. The …\Samples\AppDecode\AppDecMultiInput\ in the latest SDK illustrates how to use multiple Cuda streams.

Ryan Park