How to import Mesh Animation in Blender?

Hello, i am asking how to import Animated Meshes to Blender besides the Skin.

I know that you can export different Dynamic and Static meshes with the new blender omniverse app and also import it in A2F with Character Transfer.

Also you can import blendshape weight jsons with a script in Blender (you can see here How to apply animation in Blender - #4 by VanillaLake)
But how can you f.e. get your animated teeth/eyebrows/eyes etc. from A2F in blender, since exporting as USD Cache or Maya Cache isnt working.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @daniel.fleger1! The A2F team just finished a video on importing A2F into Blender.
Part 1 is here: Generating Facial Shape Keys for Blender Characters with Audio2Face - YouTube
Part 2 is here: audio2face_clips_testing - Google Drive

Take a look at this video and let me know if you have any comments!

Thank you for your work on making the connection between A2F and Blender easier.
Still my problem is that i cant bring in full face animations in blender.
Any Animations made f.e. with gum movements are still not exported out. Is there a way to preserve the connection between the gum animations between your character and a2fs template mark and import it into blender?

Also how in video Part 1 did he add the seams in blender?
-Thanks you in advance

Hello @daniel.fleger1! I’ve sent your questions to the dev team. Will post back as soon as I hear back from them!

@daniel.fleger1 ,
Our blender team would look into the workflow on how to bring those extra meshes in a nicer way.
But meanwhile, can you elaborate when you say exporting usd cache is not working?
Exporting USD cache should include the all the other deformed meshes as well.
Thank you