How to properly include Qt library to existing makefile project in Nsight (Ubuntu)

I have a project template that just won’t work.
I have a file with a simple printing kernel(named bla). My main contains only these lines

#include <QImage>
#include <iostream>

extern "C" void bla();

int main() {
    QImage img("../data/brickbox1.png");
    std::cout << img.height() << std::endl;

Compiling and everything via terminal works fine with and outputs the height of the image and a few lines from the kernel functino bla()

cd build
cmake ..

I now want to use Nsight IDE and created a new cuda/c++ project with an existing makefile project.
But the first line in main.cpp to include QImage always shows “unresolved include”.

First question: How do i include/setup my project, so i can use syntax helps with Qt (and dont have unresolved includes)?

Also i want to run the project (which works via command line “make” and execution of the generated file), but i just don’t know where to write what in the “Run Configuration” so i can run make and execute the programm like on command line.

Second question: How do i create a Run configuration that works and can run my project?

Hi, CuDaBuDa

We provided another nsight plugin that can installed in eclipse directly.

Then you can directly develop you project in eclipse and also you can use our nsight debug feature there.

Hope this help you.