How to Read Research Papers: A Pragmatic Approach for ML Practitioners

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This article presents an effective systematic method to approach reading research papers to be used as a resource for Machine Learning practitioners.

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Thanks for sharing this informative article! What would you suggest to stay on a single research paper? I get lost in reference papers or material while trying to understand unfamiliar terms/concept mentioned in a paper.

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Hi Yousaf1951,

I too get lost in reference papers, especially when I feel the need to understand intrinsic details during my study. The problem with this is that there are a lof of reference papers to get through, and those reference paper also have their own set of reference paper, it’s almost never ending.

Firstly in order to not get lost in reference papers, you have to admit to yourself that there will be some limit to your understanding. Secondly, if you must go through some reference papers, simply limit yourself to 2 and also go through the titles, abstract and conclusions of the reference paper to get some context.

Again only you can determine how deep you want to go in your studies and research. I would advise sticking to the goals you set prior to starting to research.


Richmond Alake