How to recreate debian packages for Jetpack5?


We’re trying to roll our own SD card image from scratch and have some changes done to the kernel.
We would very much prefer to pack it as Debian packages, and distribute trough or own channel.

But I can’t find any information how to create/recreate the following packages:

Trying to do it “the debian way” fails as the dtbs_install target is faulty in your kernel release, and is needed by bindeb-pkg target.

Where can I find more information? And if you can’t provide that information, how are we supposed to use custom kernel packaged straight into the SD-card image? The packaging solution provided overwrites anything written to rootfs/boot/

Please advice.

I am not experienced in building packages, but anything from Ubuntu docs would provide the basic information. If you have the “.deb” file, then you can easily use dpkg to show you what is in that file. This is one article I found related to finding out what is in a “.deb” package:

Some related useful content here:

After you have this you probably would want to unpack it:

After that it is in the realm of “.deb” creation tutorials. Example tutorials:

The gist is that I’d start with the existing package, edit this, and create a new (from edits) package which supercedes the original package.

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