HOW to test GPGPU-Sim with CUDA ??

When Benchmarks of Parboil got compiled but dint run

oprime@ubuntu:~/parboil$ ./parboil run cutcp cuda small
Parboil parallel benchmark suite, version 0.2

Resolving CUDA runtime library… => not found
build/cuda_default/cutcp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
make: *** [run] Error 127
Run failed!


try to invoke simulator by

cd ~/gpgpu-sim/v3.x

source setup_environment release

and then run the benchmarks


oprime@ubuntu:~/gpgpu-sim/v3.x$ source setup_environment release
GPGPU-Sim version 3.2.2 (build 17315) ERROR ** GPGPU-Sim version 3.2.2 not tested with CUDA version 5.5 (please see README)

(1) Have you read the README file mentioned in the error message?
(2) GPGPU-Sim doesn’t appear to be an NVIDIA product. Have you tried downloading the latest version of this software or contacting its authors?

Running benchmarks with a GPU simulator doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. What are you trying to accomplish? For what it is worth, the CUDA versions mentioned above are quite old (CUDA 7.0 is the currently shipping version), so depending on your hardware you may want to try with a more recent CUDA version, as well as a newer version of the benchmark if available.

Make sure your environment variables are set up so applications can find CUDA files, such as the runtime library.

Thanks for your reply !

im very well aware of the fact that CUDA 7.0 is the current version but thing was
that gpgpu-sim im using is tested till cuda 4.0 only,not higher versions which i found little later.

and i dint get what you meant by “Running benchmarks with a GPU simulator doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense”.

Hi I was trying to run simulations on GPGPU-Sim. but got stuck with an error “NVIDIA: no NVIDIA devices found”. can you please help me with this

Try the latest Gpgpu sim dev branch and also make sure to compile your code using the flag -cudart shared