how to use CUDA_Occupancy_calculator? help~

Is anybody use it to calculate the occupancy of GPU?

We should input our GPU’s parameters firstly in the EXCEL, but I don’t know some parameters.

The GPU data is as follows:

GPU: G80 GTX280

Multiprocessors per GPU 16 30

Threads / Warp 32 32

Warps / Multiprocessor 24 16

Threads / Multiprocessor 768 512

Thread Blocks / Multiprocessor 8 8

Total # of 32-bit registers / Multiprocessor 8192 16384

Shared Memory / Multiprocessor (bytes) 16384 16384

G80 is the sample listed by the author, and my gpu is Geforce GTX 280, So I added my data followed by the G80. But some parameters I can’t be sure(like the data in RED above).Who can help me to check my parameters? Thanks a lot!

Some things are incorrect:

Warps / multiprocessor : 32

Threads / Multiprocessor : 1024

I do not know if Thread Blocks / Multiprocessor has changed, so your safest bet is to leave that indeed to 8