How to use jetson-inference with DrivePX2 camera?

I’m trying to use jetson-inference with the camera of DrivePX2(Auto Chauffeur).

When using a web camera with jetson-inference, “/dev/video0” corresponds to the device number, is there a corresponding device number for the camera of DrivePX2 as well?

I’m using “LEOPARD AR0231 RCCB CAMERA 60degree” for A0 of DrivePX2.

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After all I did not know the device number for the camera of DrivePX2.

I’m thinking to use gstream when running classification/detection/segmentaition using camera on jetson-inference.
I tried to find a device information and executed the command “device-monitor-1.0”.
However, device information was not detected, regardless of GMSL camera is connected to A0 of DrivePX2.

If device information can not be detected with the command “device-monitor-1.0”,
Is the recognition that can not run classification/detection/segmentaition using camera on jetson-inference is correct?

By the way, running the DriveWorks command “sample-camera-gmsl” enabled the GMSL camera connected to DrivePX2 to start up.

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It’s required NvMedia or DriveWorks to open a GMSL camera.
Jetson_inference, which is using GStreamer, cannot be used with GMSL camera.

It’s recommended to check DriveWorks dnn sample for your use case.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi, AastaLLL.

Thank you for the quick answer.
Thank you for your advice.

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