How to use these API cuptiKernelReplaySubscribeUpdate cuptiEnableKernelReplayMode cuptiDisableKernelReplayMode

can you help me to design a test case using the following three apis,
cuptiKernelReplaySubscribeUpdate cuptiEnableKernelReplayMode cuptiDisableKernelReplayMode, because I don’t know how to use them and its usage. thanks.

Note that these CUPTI Event APIs will be deprecated. Also these are not supported on newer GPU architectures after Volta.

It will be better if you move to using the newer CUPTI Profiling APIs for metric collection using kernel replay.

Refer the CUPTI sample autorange_profiling.

Thanks a lot . but now I just have older architechtures’ GPU,so maybe I have to use these deprecated CUPTI Event APIs.

Please refer the CUPTI samples for the Event APIs and the CUPTI Event API documentation..

The CUPTI samples do not specifically cover the three APIs you have listed.

Let us know if you have any specific questions on usage of these APIs.