Howto compile for the Nano ?

Hi Experts,

I tried to compile libnvdla_compiler for my Nano. But I struggle to find the right way.
Compiling directly, cross-compiling.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, is a prebuilt library and not open source. Please share the reason why you would like to build it and cannot use the prebuilt one. Thanks.
DLA engine is in Xavier. It is not in Jetson Nano and not supported.


When I posted the message there were no compiled librarie for aarch64. If you have a prebuilt one i’ll happy !

I am surprised because the sources are on github :

Now I have a undefined symbol error.


My apology for providing wrong information. The hardware engine is in Xavier and not in Jetson Nano, so it is not supported on Nano. I have corrected comment #2

For running deep learning cases on Nano, please use DeepStream SDK: