Image Transform introduces strange artifact Possible bug

I’m fairly sure that using NPP Perspective Transform introduces a strange error in my images that causes black lines (stripes) to appear on the lft side.
First, I use nppiWarpPerspective_8u_C1R to register my image to certain coordinates. The result looks ok. However, when I display the image later it has to be resized to fit the display window. This resizing causes black lines to appear on the left side.
After some tests I think this is introduced in the WarpPerspective function. Is this problem known? Any ideas on what causes it and what to do about it?

I have attached a bmp file that has the described problem. Notice how the lines on the left change when you resize the bmp, for example by zooming in IrfanView.
test2.bmp (4.08 MB)

Here are the details so people can reproduce the problem:
My Transform Coefficients are [1.46 0.0075 -394.6 0.003 1.995 -870.7 0 0 1]. The problem only seems to occur when the first coefficient is over about 1.4
I use nppiWarpPerspective_8u_C1R with the parameters
srcSize = [1392 1024]
srcRoi = [0 0 1392 1024]
dstRoi = [0 0 2015 2031] (found this via nppiGetPerspectiveBound, dstSize is still [1392 1024], maybe this is a problem?)
linear interpolation and the above coefficients.