Inference from a tflite model using GPU?

Hello! I’ve gstreamer application written in Python that runs inference in the image frames using a tflite model by calling invoke on the Interpreter class from tflite (my code is here btw: GitHub - espiriki/JetsonGstreamer: My scripts for jetson gstreamer)

I’m wondering: is that inference running on CPU-only? Does it take advantage of the GPU at all? Is there any way to check that?

It takes around 150ms for a mobilenet_v1_1.0_224, this seems a bit slow to me



This depends on if TFLite supports GPU mode.
A simple way to check is to monitor the GPU utilization with tegrastats.

$ sudo tegrastats


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Thank you! I’m seeing something like that:

RAM 968/1980MB (lfb 16x4MB) SWAP 0/5086MB (cached 0MB) CPU [67%@1479,78%@1479,84%@1479,81%@1479] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 0% PLL@33C CPU@37C PMIC@100C GPU@31.5C AO@39.5C thermal@35.5C

I guess it is running full CPU

I’ll look into if tflite supports Jetson hardware

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