Inference onnx failed, Unsupported ONNX data type: UINT8 (2)

Hi, all

python -m tf2onnx.convert \
    --input $MODEL_DIR/frozen_inference_graph.pb \
    --inputs 'image_tensor:0[1,640,640,3]' \
    --outputs 'detection_boxes:0,detection_scores:0,num_detections:0,detection_classes:0' \
    --opset 11 \
    --fold_const \
    --output $MODEL_DIR/frozen_inference_graph.onnx
  • inference in onnxruntime successfully,
  • inference in tensorrt error.
Input filename:   frozen_inference_graph.onnx
ONNX IR version:  0.0.6
Opset version:    11
Producer name:    tf2onnx
Producer version: 1.9.1
Model version:    0
Doc string:
Unsupported ONNX data type: UINT8 (2)
ERROR: image_tensor:0:188 In function importInput:
[8] Assertion failed: convertDtype(onnxDtype.elem_type(), &trtDtype)
parse model error

Feel free to message me if you cannot reproduce.


Please check the below comment for the input data type error:


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