Inference: The Next Step in GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning

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At 45 images/s/W, Jetson TX1 is super efficient at deep learning inference. Read the whitepaper.Deep learning is revolutionizing many areas of machine perception, with the potential to impact the everyday experience of people everywhere. On a high level, working with deep neural networks is a two-stage process: First, a neural network is trained: its parameters…

Hello Michael,

I’m Alice Lai from National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan (Official website:

We and other 3 schools in Taiwan are producing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) course and the content is about AI.The abstract is as below:

Autonomous vehicles and drones are coming and will change our life inevitably. In this short course, you will learn the big picture of AI (deep learning specifically), and how AI is employed in autonomous vehicles and drones. Moreover, we will demonstrate how to train a self-flying drone with Virtual Reality.

During this course, to make students better understand the concept of Backpropagation
, we hope to use your flow chart (Figure 1)(
)as an example. Therefore, we would like to ask for your kind authorization for the right to use the images in the videos of our course.

This course is nonprofit, it will be provided to all students worldwide on Ewant ( and Future Learn (, or other online learning platforms, hope we could have your permission on this proposal.


Alice Lai