Initrd nvme

I’m looking at the 35.2.1 guide document, but I have a question about the initrd part.

The contents of 35.1 and 35.2.1 are different in the initrd part


35.1 :

we using carrier board + Xaiver NX Module

so what means “it might cause the BSP fail to initrd flash the device” ?

Are there any related topics?

So, do I really need to do this part on 35.2.1? Or is it optional?

Initrd flash requires

  1. USB device mode on usb0 is on when boot into kernel. Some custom boards do not have usb0 as device mode so it will fail.

  2. It also needs your kernel be able to detect the nvme drive. For example, if you didn’t use the default pcie for nvme as devkit and changes it to something else, then default jetpack won’t be able to find this nvme so flash will fail too.

That section is talking about how to escape from such case.

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