Installed CUDA 8.0 Toolkit but only see version 7.5 installed

Installing 8.0 Toolkit in a Centos 7 + MATE setup.
The only option I declined was the Nvidia graphics driver which I had already installed.

Followed the post install instructions exactly for the .run installer.

After installation when I call

nvcc -V

I only see version 7.5 of the toolkit listed

What gives?

Also when I compile the examples, I get no errors, but the binaries don’t run when double-clicked.
They all have ‘executable’ flag enabled.

If I try and do a

sudo yum install cuda

I get the following message

Package 1:cuda-7.5.18-3.el7.nux.x86_64 already installed and latest version

If you have done yum install cuda and also used the runfile installer, then you have already violated the instructions for how to install cuda.

And the issue with nvcc -V may simply be a matter of how your PATH variable is set.