Installing cuda packages without sdk manager

Hi Guys,
Due to the network connection issue, SDK manager is not available for me. I have to install CUDA manually (After the root fs was up, I found no CUDA package in it). I found that there are many CUDA packages, is there any all-in-one deb file for CUDA installation? Could you give me some hint on installing all the CUDA packages in a “basic” root fs? Thanks in advance!

If you have internet connection on your Jetson Nano, you can install via “apt”. In this post, the answer is about JetPack 4.3 but it would be the same in your status (only CUDA version may be different).

After installation of Cuda packages, you can back your rootFS up.

Hope it helps.

You might try “sudo apt-get install nvidia-l4t-cuda” (the apt mechanism mentioned by @mehmetdeniz). In fact you might just browse what you find from:
apt search 'nvidia-l4t'
(be careful to check disk space, some packages can be rather large)