Installing Tensorflow to Jetson nano trouble with original tutorial

Hello , this tutorial is not working or outdated for jetson nano jsut gives me bunch of error when im trying to follow the tutorial.
Can someone from Nvidia staff please fix this tutorial how to install Tensorflow to jetson nano: Installing TensorFlow for Jetson Platform - NVIDIA Docs

Note : Im trying this on completely new and latest image for jetson nano

The commands what are not working:
sudo pip3 install -U testresources setuptools==65.5.0

sudo pip3 install -U numpy==1.22 future==0.18.2 mock==3.0.5 keras_preprocessing==1.1.2 keras_applications==1.0.8 gast==0.4.0 protobuf pybind11 cython pkgconfig packaging h5py==3.6.0

and more…

And please staff from Nvidia would please test by yourself , not by just updating commands, please🙏🙏🙏.

Reason i asked this one shows first in google when google : How to install tensorflow to Jetson nano


The document is for JetPack 5 users.
You can find the command for JetPack 4 in the below topic:


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