Installproblem with Cuda and VC++ please Help , SOS

Hello together,

I am 3 days with Cuda employs and find it very interesting, but I have a small problem and I would be very pleased if you could help me further.
Problem description:
I have Visual Studio 2008 and Visual C + + installed, then CUDA 2.3 complete with toolkit and SDK. Both of which I have installed. Then I study Visual Tools -> Options -> VC + + directory added -> library files and include files.

So problem number one: I can not create a project cuda, because the. Cu is missing in the window.
Then if I have a win32 console application then create into a. Cpp file, write all that shows me error that the program does not know the commands …

Who can help me further and gradual please, I need it urgently. Thanks in advance.

search this forum (CUDA on Windows XP) for “kyzhao”, or see following links…4&hl=kyzhao…1&hl=kyzhao