INT8 calibration error

An error happened when running the calibration datas:
tensorflow/contrib/tensorrt/kernels/] Check failed: t.TotalBytes() == device_tensor->TotalBytes() (2220 vs. 2192)
Aborted (core dumped)

what causes this problem? running with the FP32 inference graph is OK.

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I ran into the same error, although while doing a different thing.

Linux distro and version: Ubuntu 16.04
GPU type: GTX 1070 with Max-Q
nvidia driver version: 418.56
CUDA version: 10.1
CUDNN version:
Python version: 3.52
Tensorflow version: 1.13.1
TensorRT version:

This occurs when within the same code, I convert more than one graph using trt.create_inference_graph(), followed by tf.import_graph_def(trt_graph), and then running an input through the first graph, then the second graph.