Inverse Text Normalization

I am using Riva 2.7.0 for ASR. I want to add inverse text normalization to the current pipeline.[English T5-based Inverse Text Normalization | NVIDIA NGC](https://English T5-based Inverse Text Normalization) model available is available for ITN but with nemo. Will the next Riva releases will have ITN available?
Are there any documentation that I can refer to if I am looking to use the above model with Riva ASR?

HI @ayush.raj

Thanks for your interest in Riva,
I will check with the internal team on your question and let you know


Hi @ayush.raj

I have some updates from the team,

Riva support WFST based ITN today, Would like to know what is needed that non-neural WFST based ITN does not do?