Is Deformable Convolution supported in TensorRT?

Deformable Convlution:

I don’t see it listed in Support Matrix(, is it supported by TensorRT?


Unfortunately, Def Conv is not currently supported by TRT. We are always paying attention to community feedback. Thanks.

Would it be possible to write a custom plugin for deformable convolutions in TRT?

Dconv is always contained in recent solutions like detection and segmentation, and I convert this layer using custom layer. These solutions runs but the speedup ratio is not so good as usual convolution.The document says tensorrt can merge (conv+bn+relu) into one CBR layer and merge multiple 1x1 kernel CBR to one layer. I do think the speedup ratio can be increased by merging (dconv+bn+relu) and so on if you guys kindly update tensorrt because these part is not opened to public in github. Waiting for you update.